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Thanks chaveiro * Wire: Implemented Wire.end(). (new boards.txt file format with custom sub-menus). It also provides the isDirectory(), openNextFile(), and rewindDirectory() functions for iterating through all the files in a directory. They include find() and findUntil() to search for data, parseInt() and parseFloat() for converting incoming characters into numeric values, and readBytes() and readBytesUntil() for reading multiple bytes into a buffer. This solves a long standing issue with "Burn bootloader". * Pressing enter within the serial monitor edit box no longer appends a newline to the message sent to the board. So, when you have an issue try to document it as well as possible, this is not a question of the level of knowledge. Put the code you are using (don't forget to select the code as C++ syntax highlight) or the piece of code that won't work. * The avrdude included with the Mac and Windows versions of the Arduino software has been upgraded to avrdude 5.11 (from an Arduino-specific version of avrdude 5.4).

* avr: Check at runtime if 32u4 boards are shipped with new bootloader; if so write bootloader magic value in an unproblematic RAM location * avr, sam: Added "" to plaform.txt to allow compatibility with older version of Arduino IDE. * Adding the Arduino Nano w/ ATmega328 to the Tools > Board menu. ARDUINO 0009 - 2007.08.06 * Added support for the Arduino Diecimila. * Added a LiquidCrystal library based on the work in the playground. * Libraries are now compiled with the sketch, eliminating the delay when switching boards and the need to delete .o files when changing library source code. * Modification of serial baud rate calculation to match bootloader and 8U2 firmware at 57600 baud. * The name of the currently selected board and serial port are now shown at the bottom of the editor. ARDUINO 0012 - 2008.09.18 * Added Arduino Nano to the boards menu. ARDUINO 0004 - 2006.04.26 * Main sketch is now compiled as C++ (instead of C). * Fixed bug in tone() function.

const char* const stringtable[] PROGMEM = {string0, string1, string2, string3, string4, string5}; char buffer[30]; // make sure this is large enough for the largest string it must hold void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); while(!Serial); Serial.println("OK"); } void loop() { /* Using the string table in program memory requires the use of special functions to retrieve the data. (dylan and peter) * Added ability to generate repeated starts in the Wire library (in master mode). * Adding ARDUINO version constant (thanks to prodding from mikalhart). Thanks drmpf [core] * Fixed wrong timings for HardwareSerial::flush() in SAM core. Thanks bblanchon * avr: Added Serial.availableForWrite() for USB-CDC serial ports * avr: Added PIN* defines to all board variants ARDUINO 1.6.9 2016.05.10 [ide] * Catch and report errors during parsing contributed index files * Fixed IDE version color on about dialog box.

Thanks to Paul and joquer. * Updated to latest version of the RXTX serial library; Mac users will need to rerun macosxsetup.command. * Added Firmata library by Hans Steiner and others. This provides support for newer Atmel chips, but may increase the size of sketches. (Peter Lewis) * Support for selecting words (on double-click) and lines (triple-click) in the Arduino software. * Adding control over scrolling in serial monitor. All Places > Arduino > Discussions Please enter a title. To complete the subscription, please click the link in the email we just sent you. 6c838c4402
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